Statue of Liberty boat ride offers stunning views and history lesson

For many New Yorkers, now is the time to see a famous landmark up close and personal.
The Statue of Liberty cruise line is offering trips to the statue that has welcomed people to New York for generations.
The iconic figure was given to the United States by France in 1886. She stands at 305 feet tall and started to sport the color green after her copper frame oxidized.
Visitors can learn more about the history in the Statue of Liberty Museum.
"It opened last year and that location you can see the original torch you can get a sense of the inner workings of the statue how it was built," says Rafael Abreu, Statue Cruises director of sales and marketing. "And on top of the history and attractions here on the island because it’s based in the middle of the harbor, you get some of the most breathtaking view of the city.”
Tickets are just under $20 and can be purchased online.