We’re Open: Greenpoint Toys

A Greenpoint toy store that closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, is back open with new safety measures to keep staff and customers safe.
Sports toys, baby dolls, Legos and stuffed animals are just some of the items sold at Greenpoint Toys.
It’s a staple in the community that’s been in the neighborhood for the past 35 years.
"We are the local neighborhood toy store and we have a lot of loyal customers that, they come in, some on a daily basis, so it really is a store that’s needed in the neighborhood,” said owner Herman Hernandez.
After closing in March due to the pandemic, Hernandez says he tried shifting to curbside pickup to keep business going.
However, he says it didn’t work out because people weren’t able to come inside and browse the toys, so he closed the store completely--which he says took a toll on business.
"No income whatsoever, and when you have bills, you worry about what's going to happen, if you're going to be able to survive the after-effects of the pandemic,” said Hernandez.
Now, the toy store is back open and is welcoming customers who say they’re happy to be able to shop again.
Anyone coming to Greenpoint Toys can expect to see a few changes to keep everyone safe.
Masks are required, social distancing is encouraged and hand sanitizer is by the register for anyone who needs it.
Hernandez says that since reopening, the business has started to pick up and he’s hoping for things to go back to pre-pandemic normalcy so that business can continue to thrive.