We're Open: And Yoga Studios

With gym's reopening in New York City this week, class-style fitness is still up in the air, but one yoga studio in Bed-Stuy has already reopened.

And Yoga Studio says that reopening is as much necessary for mental and spiritual health as it is to physical fitness.
"I do teach in my classes that this is time to settle down and calm down, it’s about reframing your mind so that you’re not always thinking that something’s being taken away from you. The opportunity to teach yoga the way I’ve been teaching yoga has been "taken away" so we have to reframe that," says yoga teacher James Roberts.

"Go Yoga" came to Bed-Stuy back in 2014, and its founder is from Chicago.
"As an African American man it was imperative to show images of entrepreneurship and success,” says Donald Edwards, founder of And Yoga Studios.

At its founding, it achieved a bunch of firsts.
"We were the first yoga studio in Bed-Stuy and were one of the only aerial yoga studios in the whole borough," says Edwards.

Then the pandemic put the spiritual, physical practice on hold, until a few weeks ago.
"We were just trying to be a beacon of light in those times so people could find some sort of sanctity and some sort of anchor," says Edwards.
On the ground, they have social distancing markers to make sure that people stay six feet apart. They also have temperatures checked, mandatory hand washing and waivers to sign.
Classes are also limited now to a smaller group.