We're Open: Juiceade

A vegan juice bar in Crotona Park was able to stay open throughout the pandemic, giving customers more than just a nutritious treat.
DJ Sphere, also known as William Bryant, opened the shop after he himself transitioned to a vegan lifestyle.
Juiceade's doors have been open since 2019 in Crotona Park, establishing loyal customers who come back daily.
"It's doing what it needs to be doing the moment you ingest it. Your energy just boosts, it's just everything,” says customer Tiffany Opok.
Customers say they feel recharged after drinking Juiceade's smoothies, juices and health shots.
Tenajia Williams tells News 12 she found Juiceade on Google after feeling drained one day.
"I didn't even drink half the cup, and I had a lot of energy for the rest of the day,” says Williams.
Bryant, the owner, tells News 12 the neighborhood needed a healthy option and a local business that cared about their customers.
"My goal with Juiceade is just to try to make it a staple in communities that are lacking in nutrition,” says Bryant. "Too many corporations and too many businesses take, take, take or their bottom line is case. My bottom line is the people"
The Bronx native is known for spreading his knowledge of clean and healthy options.

"He's here to help us, you know, just acknowledge what we're putting into our bodies,” says Opok.
Bryant says the Crotona Park area needed a place like Juiceade.
"I think the area needed this place. It needed like a hug. Everybody needs a hug sometimes. You need a hug, come to Juiceade and get juice to come behind it,” says Bryant.
Juiceade offers smoothies with ingredients like kale, sea moss, and spinach.