1 dead in police-involved shooting on Bainbridge Avenue

Police say one person is dead after a police-involved shooting in the Bronx on Thursday.
This is the third police-involved shooting this week. Police say the shooting happened in the area of East 211th Street and Bainbridge Avenue.
Police are not releasing the name of the man at this time. They say police initially pulled him over after noticing he wasn't wearing a seat belt.
After using their department smartphone, police say they determined the man had three warrants. They say he resisted and tried to put the car in drive.
"The violent struggle between the male and the officers lasted approximately 1 1/2 minutes before a shot was fired. It was after the car went into reverse that the sergeant fired one round striking the male in the chest. Officers then removed him from the vehicle and began to surrender aid," said NYPD Chief Terence Monahan.
Monahan added that officers discovered a substantial amount of what appears to be cocaine, MDMA and heroin in the car.