Car hits snowplow in West Nyack, but not many accidents in Rockland County

Roadways in Rockland County didn't get hit hard by today's storm, but there were still a few accidents.
Police departments say many people delayed their commutes, so there were not many incidents this morning.
They say one car slid into a plow in West Nyack. A car with two people went into a ditch from the Palisades Parkway in Stony Point. No injuries were reported.
Some people still hit the roads early - like Mike Pontebbi, who hit the gym before heading to work in the city. "Whatever it is, the cold, it's the same routine. Just got to wake up a little earlier, plan ahead," said Pontebbi.
Patrick Brennan said the snow comes with the territory in January. "It's the time of year. Expect it. Would've been nicer to have it for Christmas, but here it is," said Brennan.