2 Amityville shops destroyed by crash deemed unsafe; driver pleads not guilty to DWI

Two businesses on Park Avenue sustained massive damage after a car slammed into a building Saturday.
The two businesses were boarded up and deemed unsafe structures by the Village of Amityville.
Police say Jeffrey White, of Central Islip, was driving drunk and caused the crash between his Mercedes and a Nissan Sentra around 3 a.m. Saturday.
Officers say the collision sent White's car into the Amityville Men's Shop, causing extensive damage there and to Bella Maison.
White pleaded not guilty to a charge of DWI.
The two shop owners vow to reopen for businesses as soon as possible.
“All in all, no loss of life. I hear someone had a broken leg, and all this is just property,” says Warren Cohn, the owner of Amityville Men's Shop.
Police say two passengers in the Mercedes and the driver of the Nissan were injured in the crash.
White is due back in court on Tuesday.