24/7 subway service returns to New York Monday

Monday will mark the return of 24-hour subway service in New York City.
Some subway riders say they feel like it's yet another sign that the world is coming back to life as it was before the pandemic.
Now that New York is easing restrictions on bars, restaurants and other businesses nightlife and residents are returning to work, subway riders who rely on overnight service will now be able to get around more efficiently during those hours.
Some people told News 12 that with all the recent incidents of crime on the subways, they think some subway riders will be apprehensive about taking the train overnight.
The MTA announced Sunday that they will also be launching a marketing campaign to encourage New Yorkers to get back on the subways. The agency is promising a cleaner, more reliable service than before the pandemic.
The campaign will include a series of events in the area that will promote subway improvements.
New Yorkers will see campaign ads on buses, billboards, overpasses and social media.