31st African Diaspora International Film Festival features 85 films from 33 countries

New York is gearing up for the 31st African Diaspora International Film Festival. It features 85 films from 33 countries. Organizers say the selection of films are all breaking cultural barriers.
“Such a wide range of stories and films that are really taking a critical look at society that really help with the dialogue about who we are as a people and where we come from,” said Diarah N’Daw-Spech, co-Founder/co-Director of the Afriacan Diaspora International Film Festival.
All films will be screened at venues across Manhattan - from Cinema Village in the East Village to the Magic Johnson theater in Harlem. In addition to seeing diverse narratives and docuseries, you may also bump into those who helped create the films, including "Fantastic Negrito: Have you lost your mind yet?" editor Cha Quallis.
Quallis says the festival is the perfect venue for this piece of work. 
“It aligns with these untold stories about Black individuals who aren’t necessarily famous and they’re not doing what they’re doing for money,”said Quallis.
Organizers say this year they will also be showcasing 15 South African films.
“People can learn about our history and also give better context to what present day South Africa is now,” said Lerato Bokako, co-creator of the Spotlight on African Cinema program.
Film screenings will take place every day from Nov. 24 - Dec. 10. Times and locations are all listed on the festival's website.
“If you're somebody interested in independent cinema stories about people of color around the world, if you're interested in arthouse you will love this festival,” said Bokako.
There’s also a mini virtual festival that audiences can check out nationwide.