62-year-old man released from St. Barnabas hospital 1 week after being attack by pit bulls

A Brooklyn man who was viciously attacked by two pit bulls in the Bronx last week is now out of the hospital.
Police say two pit bulls owned by Cynthia Oliver attacked 62-year-old Francesco Bove outside the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church last Friday, ripping his right ear off and taking out chunks of his left arm. Oliver was subsequently charged with assault and reckless endangerment.
Not even one hour after Bove was released from St. Barnabas Hospital following a weeklong stay, he was back at the scene of the incident. Neighbors who saw the attack greeted Bove upon his return to the neighborhood, happy that he survived attack. Bove says he now carries a knife to protect himself.
Both dogs are being monitored by Animal Care and Control. There is no word on if they will be euthanized, but even after the attack, Bove says he wants to see the dogs free.
"Those dogs need to be trained. I love animals and I feel very sorry about it," says Bove.
Bove says he doesn't expect to go back to work at his son's construction company for at least three months. In the meantime, he says his ex-wife, son and nephew will care for him.