A Bronx hidden gem: The Maritime Industry Museum

A Bronx hidden gem: The Maritime Industry Museum

The Maritime Industry Museum is a hidden gem on the SUNY Maritime campus in the Bronx.

"The Museum is a very unique one in that it is housed in a historic building that was constructed to protect the port of New York and now displays items that are used in the maritime industry," says director of the Maritime Industry Museum, Eric Johansson.

Johansson gave News 12 a look inside the museum including their newest ship model.

"We just got a model of the St. Mary's that was under construction for almost 30 years by a graduate from 1947," says Johansson.

The boat that started SUNY Maritime's legacy.

"They lived they schooled and everything was on the ship they did that for 28 months and then they would graduate and become mariners," says Johansson.

Today, students take classes in the museum but the gallery is open to the public as well.