Advocacy leaders push for prison reform in the Bronx

Advocacy leaders came together Wednesday night in the Bronx to push for prison reform.
Wednesday night's town hall focused on three bills that leaders are hoping to pass this January. The first focuses on solitary confinement in prisons across New York. The Halt Solitary Confinement Act hopes to fix what Bronx leaders say is a crisis where inmates spend on average weeks or even months in solitary. The proposed bill would in part limit that time to a maximum of 15 days.
The second bill highlights long prison sentences. The Release Aging People in Prison campaign proposes the Elder Parole Act. It is looking to give people a second chance, by allowing people 55 years or older who have served at least 15 years in state prisons a chance to have their case reviewed.
The final bill is the Fair and Timely Parole Act. This would ensure parole is based on the inmate's rehabilitation.
The Release Aging People in Prison campaign says that as of right now, one in four people from the Bronx in state prison is serving a life sentence. In January, they are bringing community members to Albany to fight for change.