Advocates gather for Denim Day march over Brooklyn Bridge to honor domestic violence survivors, victims

The Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence hosted a march over the Brooklyn Bridge with marchers dressed in denim to rally for survivors of acts of violence.
April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month, and people across the world are dressed in denim to raise awareness and show their support for victims of sexual violence. Brooklyn residents wore denim from head to toe as they traveled to the Brooklyn Bridge to be a part of the march that honors survivors.
"What you are or are not wearing has nothing to do with consent," said Bronx Councilmember Amanda Farias. "Taking of clothing is not consent call wearing tight clothing is not concerned, being completely nude is not consent.
The international day of observance got its start back in 1990 after a judge ruled a rape victim's jeans were "too tight", so she must have consented to her assaulter removing them.
Demonstrators are also raising their voices through outlets such as art and poetry. With lumps in their throats and courage in their hearts, survivors of domestic violence took to the podium to share their stories.
"My daughters name is hope. said Rosado Hope, survivor and Director of Returning Hope. "Which is where I get returning hope from. I did not know that naming her hope that she was going to give that exact meaning to me. "You're not alone and it's okay. What happened to you was was okay but you dealing with it in your ups and your downs in your eyes and your lows are OK. You have that right to go through it because you experienced something that should've happened to you."
If you or someone you know is a victim of gender-based violence, you can call the National Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE.