Aerial artist combines strength, art and theater at BK training center

For many any aerial performers, mastering the skill of Tippy Lyra is the ultimate test of physical and mental strength.
Aerial artists at The Muse Brooklyn describe the Tippy Lyra as a hula hoop up in the air. 
“I love that it’s a combination of so many different things, you have the athleticism, you have the artistry, you have the theatrical aspect of it,” says performer Torrie Ogilvie.
For Ogilvie, the Tippy Lyra is her specialty.  
“It’s ringed from two points on either side, so it tips side to side as well as mine is on a swivel so it can also spin, it can also swing, it can kind of do a little bit of everything, which is very exciting for me,” says Ogilvie.
She’s one of many performers who come to The Muse Brooklyn to train.
“Just makes me feel very much at home,” says Ogilvie.