Affordable Care Act open enrollment proceeds in Connecticut despite upcoming Supreme Court hearing

Browsing Affordable Care Act plans began Monday in Connecticut despite the Supreme Court hearing a challenge to it in two weeks.
You can go online and start comparing plans for 2021.
If the Supreme Court, with Amy Coney Barrett on board, strikes down all or part of Obamacare - it's unclear if that policy will be good for the entire year.
"The subsidies would go away, and for Access Health CT to be able to provide insurance plans to consumers in Connecticut, that they could afford, without subsidies, would become extremely difficult," says Frances Padilla, of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.
In Connecticut, a new study found three-quarters of people worry about paying for treatment, and more than half worry if they can afford insurance.
Connecticut state law provides some protection, though, even if Obamacare goes away. Pre-existing conditions are covered, along with prescriptions, mental health and birth control.
Those protections only apply to one-third of policies in the state, while the rest are at risk.
"We're working with the legislature to make sure that we can keep all those protections for people with pre-existing conditions in place, no matter what the Supreme Court does," says Gov. Ned Lamont.
You can sign up for a plan between Sunday and Dec. 15.
"Do not stop what you are doing. Do not let what is happening or what you see in the media deter you," says Padilla.