ALERT CENTER: Suffolk DA: Teen arrested for making terrorist threats toward Long Island school

A Long Island teen has been arrested for threatening a mass shooting at a Long Island school in Suffolk County.
Suffolk District Attorney Raymond Tierney says a 16-year-old boy made a threat against Bellport High School Thursday in an online post on the Instagram page Bellport Scholars.
"We take these threats seriously and will devote our resources to ensuring the safety of our children. I thank Suffolk police for their swift action here. Upon learning of this threat, they worked with my office to locate and interview the individual responsible for the threat. In addition, they searched and determined that there were no guns in the home," said Tierney.
News 12 is told that when police learned about the threat, they worked with the DA's office to find him. Tierney says they also searched the home and found no guns.
"Incredibly, this crime is not bail eligible and the judge, by law, cannot consider dangerousness. Our legislators need to fix this disastrous 'bail reform.' I am convening a School Safety Summit here in Suffolk County with parents, teachers, school officials, law enforcement and my office to work on improving our response to school safety threats and keeping our kids safe," says Tierney.