Anti-Biden sign near New Hyde Park school sparks backlash from parents, complaint from school district

A New Hyde Park man voiced his opinion on President-elect Joe Biden loud and clear with a large, expletive-filled sign placed on a fence near an elementary school, and it's causing a bit of backlash.
The profane banner is displayed on a backyard fence located diagonally across the street from Denton Avenue Elementary School.
It reads "F--- Biden" on one line, and "F--- you for voting for him!" on another line.
Shaun Thomas' two kids attend classes at Denton Avenue, and he is displeased.
"This type of profanity should not be there in front of the kids because the house is directly in front of the school," says Thomas.
Several others voiced concerns as well, with one parent saying, "No matter who wins or loses, that's not the right approach" and another adding that they have "a right to express what he thinks but I still think there's another way to express it. Don't need to express it with such strong words."
But parents weren't the only ones condemning this sign. The Herricks School District told News 12 it has filed a complaint with the Nassau County Police Department.
The owner of the banner, Adam Chojnacki, says it's his right to display the sign on his property, but he didn't realize the impact the profanity-laced sign would have on children until a parent contacted him.
"He actually wrote me a letter stating can you please just consider blacking out this, this and this ... because my 5-year-old niece was trying to spell it the other day. So that kind of made me hit, like wow, kids are actually trying to read that," says Chojnacki.
Chojnacki says he will move the banner, saying, "I will officially take it off from the back and I'll put it in front of my house because there's no kids over there. I want to keep the peace."