Authorities: Several former, current students in Newburgh face charges for allegedly assaulting 2 teens in school

Several former and current students in Newburgh are facing charges after they allegedly slipped past school security to assault two teens inside.
After weeks of safety concerns and violence among teens in Newburgh, police say two teenage girls were attacked in the hallway at NFA Main on Thursday after four people were let inside the school by a student.
News 12 obtained this video of the incident involving three women and former students – who graduated last year – according to police.
They say the fourth girl is a current student who showed up with the group.
So far, the district is remaining tight-lipped about the alleged security breach and has not responded to News 12's emails about what happened.
People we spoke to say the incident is cause for concern following the recent school violence both in Michigan and closer to home.
Newburgh's high school campuses reopened Monday for in-person learning after four students were shot by their classmates off campus.  
In October, two teens were seen pistol-whipping a student who was walking home from NFA.  
NFA has a sheriff's deputy stationed at the school, as well as metal detectors at its main entrance.
It's not clear whether building doors are manned or have alarms.
Police say the teens in this latest incident are facing charges of harassment and trespassing.
 Newburgh City Mayor Torrance Harvey is also a teacher at NFA. 
He said he is unaware of the alleged security breach and referred our questions to the district.