Police fire shots at, arrest man connected to heroin operation

The Drug Enforcement Administration says a man connected to a Bronx drug mill is in custody after he attempted to hit police with his car Thursday. 
Federal agents, state police and the NYPD said authorities attempted to pull over Jamarky Almanzar along the West Side Highway Thursday, but in the process the man tried to ram them with his vehicle.
That is when officials say they fired shots at the suspect, saying they felt they were in danger. No one was injured, and the suspect temporarily got away.
Police then chased the suspect to 252nd Street and Broadway, where he was later taken in to custody in the 50th Precinct.
Police say the arrest was in connection with a long-term heroin investigation. They say they executed a search warrant and then arrested three more people they believe were also involved in the operation.
Authorities say they discovered the large-scale operation a few blocks up on 262nd Street.
The DEA says it found tens of thousands of dosage units of heroin in the first suspect's apartment Thursday evening.