Baychester residents outraged after months of overflowing garbage

News 12 reached out to the DSNY and MTA to find out if the dumpster will stay or if there is another solution they are working on for this area and is awaiting responses.

Dan Serafin and News 12 Staff

Jun 11, 2024, 9:53 PM

Updated 36 days ago


New York City’s trash issues have been hitting residents in Baychester hard after they say they’ve been dealing with excessive garbage for months.
Sheila Anderson and her mother have resided on East 222nd Street for over three decades and say their new private dumpster has become a public eyesore.
“Everybody that passes by just keeps dumping, because they see a dumpster,” said Anderson. “This girl cursed me out last week because I told her not to dump it here…it’s a private dumpster, people live here.”
Just minutes after News 12 arrived at the scene, a crew from the city’s Department of Sanitation showed up, spending about an hour removing the excess trash off the street and sidewalk around the dumpster.
While Anderson appreciates the effort, she says she’s seen this play out before and that the trash pile will be back by Wednesday morning.
“The problem is the dumpster,” said Anderson. “Once it’s there, people are going to keep coming and dumping stuff over here, that’s our big fear.”
The DSNY provided a statement regarding the trash, saying the following, in part:
"We [] contacted the company that serves the container, and they are scheduled to remove it tomorrow morning. We will continue to monitor this area."
DSNY also added that they "have significantly stepped up illegal dumping surveillance in the last two years, with a network of roughly 280 cameras positioned in known hotspots to catch illegal dumpers."

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