Beach Haven restaurant owners ask for patience & kindness following difficult weekend

A restaurant on Long Beach Island is spreading a message of kindness after the owners say the staff dealt with some unkind customers.
A sign posted at Bistro 14 in Beach Haven asks patrons to be kind. The owners shared the message on social media after a bad experience over the weekend.
"What occurred on Saturday night wasn't the first time for the entire summer or ever. It was multiple things that of happened over the last two weeks, almost three weeks - and I think that was what kind of pushed us over the edge,” says owner Karen Vaughan.
Vaughan says that she closed the restaurant Sunday afternoon for lunch to give her staff a break after dealing with a difficult table Saturday night. The restaurant – like many in New Jersey – is dealing with a staffing shortage because of the pandemic.
"There was just nothing we could do to please this person and we tried everything,” Vaughan says. “I think that's what was the hardest thing."
Vaughan posted a message on the restaurant’s social media pages asking for patience and kindness.
"People have messaged me privately. People have messaged the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram and basically, it's very supportive and that's what we needed,” she says.
Vaughan asks all New Jersey residents, wherever they are, to remember the human who is helping them and to be kind toward them, as everyone returns to life post-pandemic.
"Dining, shopping, grocery shopping - just be kind. Just take that minute that's all I'm asking. Take that minute, breath, count to 10 and understand that there are shortages everywhere,” says Vaughan.