Berry Street Community Center offers varied activities for seniors

Summer activities are now in full swing across NYCHA buildings in the city.

News 12 Staff

Jul 28, 2023, 7:30 AM

Updated 363 days ago


Summer activities are now in full swing across NYCHA buildings in the city, providing much-needed entertainment and engagement for seniors in these communities.
The Berry Street Community Center in Williamsburg has specifically tailored a range of fun-filled summer activities for its senior residents, including Bingo, free manicures, and crocheting.
News 12 was invited to capture the lively atmosphere at the community center, where residents were seen enjoying the varied weekly programming. The participants noted that the program facilitates quality time with friends, a cherished aspect of their routine.
"It is wonderful to come into our center and be able to sit without a smell, without water bugs, and the management is doing a wonderful job keeping this place up to par for us," said Vivian Legions, tenant associate president, Berry Street Houses.
The center's organizers change up the games and activities each week, keeping seniors engaged while providing a safe and close-to-home environment.
These initiatives underscore the importance of social programming in community settings, particularly for seniors who may be looking for opportunities to interact and have fun while remaining close to home. The ongoing support from management at the NYCHA facilities has been recognized as instrumental in facilitating these community-building activities.

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