Biden administration announces plan to vaccinate kids as young as 5 years old

Some people say the Biden administration may have jumped the gun earlier this week after announcing a plan to vaccinate kids as young as 5 years old against coronavirus. 
The plan has yet to be approved by necessary regulators. However, although it has yet to be approved by the FDA, the White House announced its plan this week to vaccinate the nearly 30 million small children around the country ages 5 to 11 years old against the virus. 
The FDA plans to meet next week to discuss whether they will approve the jab for the children. 
If approved, parents and their children will rely on resources like smaller clinics and pharmacies to receive the shot, rather than on mass inoculation sites this time around. 
The Biden administration says it wants to remove any barriers to access parents and their children might have to receive the vaccine by the time the rollout plan is potentially approved next month. 
The administration’s announcement came just days before Friday morning’s breaking news where Pfizer announced that its vaccine is over 90% effective at protecting kids from infection.