Boogie Down Bites: Llyod's Carrot Cake

Boogie Down Bites: Llyod's Carrot Cake

A Bronx-based carrot cake recipe has been tasted in parts of South America, Europe and even Iraq.
Owner Betty Campbell-Adams isn't an international traveler, but her carrot cakes sure are.

Llyod's Carrot Cake started 36 years ago by her late husband Lloyd, who the Riverdale storefront is named after.

“Our cakes all natural, there are no artificial ingredients; we bake every day, seven days a week,” says Campbell-Adams.

The family owned bakery sells an assortment of customized cakes and pies, but's its premiere carrot cake has put the business on the map.

“The Wall Street Journal did a feature, Oprah gave us a nice mention, New York magazine did a piece,” says Campbell-Adams.

The recipe starts with all natural ingredients.

Oil, eggs, sugar and flour are poured into a massive mixture, churning the batter until it’s a creamy consistency.  

And then there are the carrots. Six full cups of fresh carrots go into making just one customized carrot cake. 

“We make sure we get all of it in there, the customers want all of these fresh carrots,” says Campbell-Adams.

Campbell-Adams, who traded her corporate job 12 years ago, says she is grateful to the loyal customers that keep her bakery going.