Boogie Down Bites: Vistamar Express

A new quick eats spot on City Island wants people to know it's serving much more than just seafood.
Sautéed lobster, jumbo shrimp and mussels served with sweet corn and a side salad complete what's known as the seafood combo at Vistamar Express.
Although seafood is high on the menu, it's not the only kind of cuisine diners can get.

"We wanted to give the residents, as well as the people who come on City Island something different. It's a Latin restaurant, so there's Spanish food, but there's a mixture of meats. We have pernil, roast chicken, empanadas," says Justine Barreiro, of Vistamar Express.

The City Island quick spot is a breakout from its sister eatery, Vistamar Restaurant and Lounge.

"So it's more takeout driven. It's kind of more for people on the go. We're trying to give the City Island community another option for lunch whereas there isn't much on the island," says Barreiro.
Even though the name is express, that doesn't mean customers have to rush. Owners say diners have plenty of time to sit down and really enjoy a meal.

"I think it's all about the seasoning. I feel like Latin people, they love to taste their food and make sure that their food doesn't taste bland and we're very on top to make sure the seasoning is right on point. We have our own seasoning that we've been using for years; and we make [sure] that everything that we put out it's just right," says Barreiro.

Customers can also see their food as it's being made.

"It's more of a no-frills kind of restaurant where you can come and hang out. Come in however you want. You really don't have to care about, ‘do I look OK to come into this restaurant?’ We just want people to feel free and get a meal sit down eat and enjoy themselves," says Barreiro.