Borough parents push for remote learning for students as COVID cases accelerate

Some parents in the borough are upset that the only option for their students this year will be in-person learning.
A group of parents from the Bronx isn't happy that they only have one option when it comes to how their kids learn this school year. As the delta variant of the coronavirus causes more people to get sick and those younger than 12 years old aren't eligible to get the vaccine yet, parents want the option for remote learning this school year.
The Bronx Parent Leaders Advocacy Group protested outside Manhattan's High School of Fashion Industries Wednesday to make sure the mayor and Department of Education hear their concerns.
As of right now, all students will be learning in the classroom this upcoming school year. The mayor was asked about the possibility of remote learning, and he said he and health experts will continue to follow the trends but at this point students need to be back in school buildings.
So, what's next as far as protecting students from COVID? The vaccine is what health experts say is the answer.
Pfizer is running trials right now for kids under 12 years old and anticipates wrapping up in September, submitting data to the FDA shortly after. Moderna also has trials underway right now but did not give a wrap date. Johnson & Johnson expects to have a vaccine for kids under 12 next year.
"We don't have a good handle yet on what and how many children are getting long-hauler COVID symptoms," says Dr. Christina Johns, senior medical advisor at PM Pediatrics. "There are definitely a group of those children that is growing and that multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children is always lurking in the background for us as pediatricians. So, it's important that younger kids get the vaccines."