BRAVO! Brooklyn! The 'Relay Daddy'

Joe Gillette, who is a lawyer by day and a fighter against cancer at all times, began his journey volunteering with the American Cancer Society eight years ago.
Gillette, who also goes by "Zumba Daddy" or "Relay Daddy" is no regular guy.
One of his first big social media fundraisers for the ACS was a Zumba-thon. He held that event several years in a row.
Over the years, his ideas have continued to flow, like his annual "King of the Wing" competition.
"In a 10-minute chicken wing eating contest, we raised more than $50,000," says Gillette.
He's also held 24-hour fitness-thons, and created unique calendars to raise money. Last year, the calendar featured some volunteers as "mer-men."
This year's calendar will take on the genre of pirates.
He jokes that most of his ideas come from behind the wheel.
"My inspiration for the most part is the Belt Parkway, which grants me two hours of traffic every day. That's where I do most of my creative thinking," says Gillette.
Gillette says his goal is to give back in anyway he can, doing it all technically for free.
"We're taking something that is so serious and so upsetting to many, and we're finding a way through positivity to make a difference," says Gillette. "I don't get paid to do this, but you know what, it's not for free, because I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Not only for the awareness that we do, but for the difference that I've seen it make locally and nationally."