Music artist launches coloring book collection to offer outlet for pandemic stress

A Bronx rapper says coloring is the key to combatting stress during the pandemic.

News 12 Staff

Aug 13, 2021, 6:00 PM

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A Bronx rapper says coloring is the key to combatting stress during the pandemic.
Dehja B has always been an artist, but she decided to switch things up when the pandemic hit in 2020.
"The studios were closed, I was not able to create anything like that,” says Dehja.
The Bronx-born rapper was left in search of ways to expand her emotional release outlet.
"I'm a mom, I also have a day job as a senior business analyst,” says the rapper. ‘So, juggling all those things and homeschooling…I started to feel a little stress and on edge."
A friend recommended her to try coloring.
"...Adult coloring books?! I was like, what is that?" Dehja says.
Instead of writing it off, she decided to give it a try.
"My son had a coloring book and I started to color. You know, I felt relaxed and destressed and all that,” says Dehja.
Her newfound hobby inspired her to research.
"The ones on the market...really didn't represent us. You know? And people who looked like me,” says Dehja.
In October 2020, she launched her own coloring book collection. The books are complete with pictures of afro puffs, braids, beads and more.
The rapper turned author tells News 12 her top selling book is about shining a light on strong black love.
Each book begins with a personal poem and every page starts with a prompt.
With a quick camera scan, her newest books will navigate people to a positive playlist to set the coloring mood.
Dehja believes adult coloring should be an entire experience, saying in part, "It just takes your mind off of any negativity that's going around. Just focusing your mind…on one task."

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