Bronx commuters frosty over leftover snow, slush

Slush and snow left over from Saturday's blizzard continues to plague parts of the Bronx.
At Southern Boulevard and 182nd Street, News 12 cameras found mounds of snow obstructing the sidewalk near the Bx9/Bx19 bus stop.
Pedestrians, rather than stumbling through the slush- and snow-filled walkway, have been using the side of the busy street to get by.
The bus stop itself is clear, but commuters say the rest of the area is a safety hazard.
Commercial areas around the borough are also a mess. On Castle Hill Avenue, only about half of the sidewalk is clear of snow, tripping up pedestrians as well as people looking for parking.
Shoppers in the area told News 12 they were concerned for elderly people trying to shop or eat out in the neighborhood.
Forecasts show overnight temperatures may drop below freezing, which could lead to black ice.