DA: ‘Operation Grizzly’ yields 176 pounds of cocaine, 19 indicted

The Bronx District Attorney's Office and federal agents announced a major drug takedown Wednesday that yielded 176 pounds of cocaine meant for the streets of the Bronx.
"Operation Grizzly" was a yearlong sting investigation into a street gang known as the Grizzlies, who authorities say peddle drugs and other illegal substances in Kingsbridge and the Fordham sections of the borough.
Authorities say the 19 defendants trafficked large amounts of cocaine, which they sold in bulk. Distributors then would sell the product in $10 and $20 packs.
Two of the 19 are believed to be major drug traffickers. Five of them have not yet been apprehended.
Authorities say this drug bust, valued at near $3 million, is believed to be linked to three shootings in the Bronx, one of them fatal.
Included in the bust was 4,000 pills, including Xanax and ecstasy. Officials say two of the defendants tried to funnel pills into the city from Brussels, which was intercepted by European drug authorities.                       
Altogether, the defendants face 227 drug charges, which are listed in three separate indictments. If convicted, they face anywhere from 15 years to life in prison.