Bronx DA to dismiss charges against man in murder case

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark announced Friday that charges were being dismissed against Enger Javier, who was a suspect in a 2012 murder.
Javier was arrested for the stabbing of Hansell Arias at a McDonald's in Claremont.
All charges are set to be dismissed Feb. 24 in light of mounting evidence, including surveillance video showing Arias running the night he was stabbed to death while Javier stood aside, holding a white cup.
"They had all this evidence to dismiss my case and they were hiding videos that they could have dismissed a long time ago," Javier says.
He says that for the two years he was on Rikers Island, it was his mother's support and his faith that got him through it.
"I got through it praying," he says. "I used to pray every night."
Javier's attorney, John Scola, says he will continue to fight for justice.
"We're trying to make him whole for his life almost being ruined for these false charges being brought against him," Scola says. "There's this systemic problem where the NYPD in the Bronx and the District Attorney's Office are charging these young Hispanic-American males and African-American males."
Scola says he will be filing a lawsuit against the city for Javier, for charges that include, "among other things, false arrest and malicious prosecution."