Bronx hip-hop legend Fat Joe hands out Thanksgiving groceries

Bronx-born rapper Fat Joe spent Thanksgiving Eve giving back to his community by ensuring residents had food on their table for the holiday.
The hip-hop legend joined Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Krasdale foods to hand out over 1,000 bags of Thanksgiving groceries to families in need outside of his Mott Haven store, Up NYC.
The line wrapped around the block of Fat Joe's newest Up NYC store, down 136th Street, the length of 3rd Avenue, all the way to 137th and beyond. The rapper didn't miss greeting a single person in line waiting for Thanksgiving groceries.
"I come from the projects, I come from the 'hood and so I know their pain, and so every time God has blessed me to achieve more success, they're always in my heart and always in my mind," Joe said.
The $25-worth of turkey-day essentials included stuffing, cranberries, rice and beans.
"These people are very hungry, disenfranchised, tough times," Joe added. "I want to get rich enough to do this every day."
Due to pandemic-related job loss and shortages across the country, Diaz Jr. said there's food insecurity for both people who are unemployed and employed in the community.
"You know, I got a lot of kids out here, family coming through and not everybody got it, he's helping a lot of people," said resident Nakia Oquendo.
Resident Rose Ortega said she plans to have a traditional Spanish Thanksgiving and is glad Joe continues to help the community.
"When you see people like Fat Joe giving back to the communities that he grew up in, like not a lot of them do it, so when it is done it's very well appreciated," Ortega said.