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Bronx Kreate Hub now open to local artists in Mott Haven

A hub for local artists to work and grow is now open in Mott Haven.

News 12 Staff

Nov 26, 2019, 12:16 PM

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A hub for local artists to work and grow is now open in Mott Haven.
Daryl Love and his team just moved their brand Evolove into their new home at Kreate Hub.

Evolove, started about a year and a half ago, is a fashion brand for men and women promoting awareness of the struggles we all face with love, equality and health.
Love says the fact that his brand can continue to grow and create in the borough where he grew up is huge.

"Big deal for us, brick and mortar kind of really making a difference when it comes to not working at home. People can come look and touch the product," says Love.

Kreate Hub is home to 100 affordable private and shared studios for artists, makers and technologists. Thirty people have moved in since it opened Nov .1 in Mott Haven.

"Now that we're here, we're getting an overwhelming reception from the community, recognizing that this is a real opportunity to keep this young talent in house," says Love.

Come 2020, an art gallery by Bronx graffiti artist “Crash” will open up along with a cafe run by creator and Mott Haven business owner Rosa Garcia.

"I just met one of the tenants, Evolove, today and I’m going be his little intern. I’ll learn from him and that goes to show that so many unique individuals will be in this building we can all connect," says Garcia.

The goal of the hub is for dozens of artists under one roof, growing individually, but with support and inspiration from each other.
"This has been the best experience so far and it's only been four days. I can't imagine the next four years," says Daniel Freeman, Kreate Hub COO.

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