Bronx native Chris McCullough looking for a team

For the first time in a long time, Bronx native Chris McCullough doesn't know what he's doing this basketball season.
McCullough has spent the last three seasons with Brooklyn and Washington teams, before playing in a summer league with Philadelphia this year. He is now a free agent without a team.
After bouncing back and forth between the NBA and G-league, one team has offered McCullough a position for next season. McCullough turned down the position because he says he wants a guaranteed contract.
If he does not receive a guaranteed contract, he says he will be heading overseas.
"It's about the money at the end of the day, taking care of my family, and it's a place where I can, you know, learn as a basketball player, as a man and just get better over my game," says McCullough.
McCullough has had more downtime this summer, and he's trying to be productive with it, either by helping local children at the Melrose Houses, or by playing in streetball tournaments around the city.
McCullough says he hopes this path will lead him back to the NBA.