Bronx native Majora Carter invests in community through The Boogie Down Grind

Majora Carter helped create the first waterfront park the Hunts Point neighborhood had seen in 60 years, and today she continuously does her part to invest in the neighborhood that raised her.
The entrepreneur and real estate developer says that throughout her life she was led to believe that being successful meant getting away from the place she called home. Carter's list of impressive accolades and honors could easily be what defines her but she says her proudest title is being a Bronx native.
"I grew up during the era of the burning Bronx, literally. It was burning around me," says Carter.
Carter opened The Boogie Down Grind last year. It is a place where free books line the walls and where open mic nights and workshops are the norms. The cafe opened on Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.
She says this is a way to pay homage to his teachings on economic development.
"At this point, most of us understand that there is no 'knight in shining armor' coming. And if we can create the tools for our own economic empowerment, we should be doing that," says Carter.
Carter says the cafe will be hosting art openings over the next few months, in addition to a new "pay it forward" project.