Bronx photographer raises funds to start photo walks for children, adults

Bronx photographer raises funds to start photo walks for children, adults

One Bronx man who has been documenting the Bronx for more than 10 years wants to make sure residents are taking in the beauty around them.
Alex Rivera is rarely seen without a camera, capturing what he calls the beauty in the Bronx.

“These colors are screaming at me. I want other people around my neighborhood to see what I saw,” says Rivera. 
The Bronxer” recently quit his job to continue creating for the borough full-time as a photographer, videographer and graphic designer.

He's worked with local restaurants, The Bronx Times, at small businesses and has even had people wear his Section 8 entrepreneur gear.

“The whole point is to strike inspiration to whoever is trying to do something new or to someone who's thinking there's nothing else to do. I just want to change their mindset,” says Rivera.

Rivera’s next chapter involves sharing his passion. He is currently raising money to purchase new gear for organized "photo walks.”

“Groups of kids, adults, people who never thought they'd like photography to walk through the streets with me see the Bronx through their own viewfinder and my eyes. A lot of kids don't realize they're walking down a block and it's getting older by the second,” says Rivera. 

He says by doing the photo walks, Bronx children would be shown the importance of expressing themselves and documenting their neighborhoods as the Bronx and the world changes.

“Me trying to teach these kids to walk down the street in a more positive manner and not so hectic. That this will change their lives eventually they can look back on their photos and say ‘hey, I remember that photo,’ that color strikes a memory,” says Rivera.