Bronx residents rally to demand that landlord make repairs amid rent strike

A group of Bronx residents went on a rent strike and rallied to demand that their landlord make what they say are long overdue repairs. 
The residents living at 1210 Clay Ave. under Landlady Hee Yang say enough is enough. 
This comes after a fire broke out at the apartment building back in April. They say repairs have yet to be made. 
Tenants say they have been forced to deal with building damage, rats and roaches. 
Yang says she is doing the best she can. "They're giving false allegations and the times I try to go up there and fix the place, they don't open the door,” said Yang. 
Tenants sued Yang back in March, prior to the fire, hoping to force her to fix issues they had been dealing with. 
Now, they’re filing a motion in court to hold Yang in contempt and they’re also asking the city to hold her accountable. 
According to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, the building has received more than 100 complaints over the last year.