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Bronx residents say designated 'litter corrals' are stinking up the neighborhood

Some local neighbors along Mosholu Parkway say the city has been using parks as "litter corrals."

News 12 Staff

Sep 2, 2022, 9:18 PM

Updated 653 days ago


Some local neighbors along Mosholu Parkway say the city has been using parks as "litter corrals."
Bright orange signs line the areas where trash and litter are being gathered, with some of the signs saying things like ‘park your trash here’. This is part of a Parks Department campaign to address the excessive trash issue plaguing city parks this summer.  
The trash collection area near Mosholu Parkway has become a place for much more, with residents throwing things like bed frames.  
One Bronx resident says they are concerned about the excessive trash in an area where children often come to play, as the trash attracts pests and rodents.  
According to the New York City Parks Department, there are over 150 of these litter corrals across the five boroughs, but it did not specify how often these areas are cleared of trash.  

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