Bronx teen turns tragedy into positive words on new album

Bronx teen turns tragedy into positive words on new album

A Bronx teen is using music to spread positivity to others and remind them of the violence out on the streets.

Isaiah Pacheco, 18, says he can't ignore the violence that's out there. Pacheco, who goes by the name Zay-NY, plans to drop his first album 'Structures of Life' on Friday.

"Music makes me open my eyes," says Pacheco." I express myself in music. I like to express what's happening in my community and how I'm feeling."

Before getting into music, Pacheco had hoped to be an NYPD officer. He's been part of the NYPD Explorer Program at the 46th Precinct for almost two years.

Pacheco says when Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz was killed last June, he had to write something. The result was the song 'Justice.'

Pacheco is an 'A' student and has learned to balance school and music for the last three years. He says no matter what, a diploma is number one. With his mom's support, Pacheco is dreaming big.

Zay-NY recorded all five songs on his album at Plug Studios in NYC. He hopes his music will speak to people.

"Honestly I can say they should get the message that I'm trying to say to the community, to stop violence and not only that believe in yourself and don't give up," says Pacheco.