Bronx Vegan Bazaar looks to put vegan cuisine on display

An original food expo took place in the Bronx on Wednesday to introduce vegan businesses and expand the palates of Bronx residents. 
Around 20 local vendors were offering a variety of vegan products, from candles and skin care products to macaroni and cheese, cupcakes and tacos.  
The expo kicked off in August, with vendors setting up shop every Wednesday at the Andrew Freedman Home in Grand Concourse.  
The creators of the bazaar brought this idea to life in 2020 to improve access to vegan products and cuisine easier for everyone.  
“For us entrepreneurs that are vegan, to have a place that we can come to once a week is really helpful,” said Raidirys Rivas McCray, co-creator of the Bronx Vegan Bazaar. “Otherwise we’re going to Brooklyn, we’re going to lower Manhattan, we’re ordering UberEats, and it’s really expensive." 
Black Rican Vegan, a widely known vegan chef in the Bronx, partners with the Bazaar. She says her mission is to share her knowledge about how vegan cuisine is not only beneficial but also delicious.  
The bazaar will return in March 2024 and go back to being up and running every Wednesday.