Bronx woman’s efforts to reunite with daughter who fled Ukraine hampered by uncertainty

A Morris Park woman of Ukrainian descent is looking to be reunited with her daughter who is experiencing the war that's taken over their native country.
That goal, however, is being overshadow, not just by thousands of miles and international borders, but by uncertainty from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services.
"I'm without a home and without any support because all my family is in New York or in Ukraine," Alexandra Soroshenko told News 12 via phone. She is currently staying in Romania after leaving her native Ukraine, where war continues to consume the country.
But the battle that she and her mother, Jane Soroshenko, now have to endure is trying to get her into the United States.
"Having my family in Ukraine, we are worried about them," Jane Soroshenko said.
Back in late February, Jane Soroshenko filed paperwork to get her daughter a visa into the U.S., but it was rejected. So then both Jane and Alexandra Soroshenko tried for a humanitarian parole with the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service.
"I was mailing and calling them, 'What's going on? When it will be ready? They are telling me, 'You should wait, you should wait, you should wait,'" Jane Soroshenko explained.
Jane Soroshenko sent letters out to multiple offices, from the city to congressional offices. She said she hasn't heard from some, but has from others.
"I'm really appreciating these efforts because they are helping and giving us hope, but still it doesn't work," she said.
But that hope is running out, and the ultimate decision Alexandra Soroshenko said she'll resort to is to cross the U.S.- Mexico border.
"I prefer not to take it. But if I have no other option, I will do it," Alexandra Soroshenko said.
News 12 reached out to the USCIS for more information on the process on bringing in Ukrainaians who are escaping the war, but is still waiting to hear back.