Bronx's Fannie Lou Hamer High School sees tighter security after stabbing of student

Line up, empty your pockets, and step through the metal detectors was how the start of the day looked for students at Fannie Lou Hamer High School needed to pass through metal detectors on Friday following the stabbing of a student there the day before.
Police say the stabbing started over a phone charger. News 12 is told a 16-year-old boy stabbed his classmate three times - in the stomach, leg, and torso - inside the school's library. The 18-year-old male victim is in stable condition. Police say it appears to be gang-related and that the suspect is still on the loose.
The Department of Education says it's stepping up security. News 12 spoke to parents on the traumatic news.
"It could've been prevented. There are three schools around here, and I never see safety around. I only see crossing guards," Irelis Gonzalez says. "The first day of school was bad. Everyone was all over the place. The high school, kindergarten, everyone was mixed. It's concerning."
NYPD officers and school safety agents were present as the students lined up for the metal detectors, something some parents feels should've been here from the start.
Sen. Luis Sepulveda weighed in on the issue and called for resources in what he believes is one of the most underserved communities.
"If we don't put more resources into it, you're going to see every now and then this level of violence that we don't need to have if we did the right thing and continue to treat these students," said Sepulveda.
Support will be available for students and families who need it.