Brooklyn church receives energy-efficient overhaul, thanks in part to former President Clinton

President Bill Clinton visited New York City Tuesday to check out some of the work supported by the Clinton Foundation.

News 12 Staff

Dec 10, 2019, 10:14 PM

Updated 1,620 days ago


Former President Bill Clinton visited the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Bed-Stuy Tuesday to see the energy-efficient upgrades the house of worship has received.
"Here you made going to church a better experience because it's not just God's light shining on you brighter right," President Clinton said.
The Madison Street church received the upgrades due to a Clinton Global Initiative University commitment, and it took four to five years to secure the project.
The staff says the upgrades will also save them 30% to 40% on bills, which can be hard to cover.
"We depend on our family members to give their tithes and offerings and things and a lot of times that doesn't even cover the light bills and gas bills and things like this," said Board of Trustees Chairperson Carolyn Aldrick.
By saving money, the staff says it can devote more time and finances to ministry, which is a big part of its mission.

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