Brooklyn Community Pride Center expands its services to Crown Heights

The Brooklyn Community Pride Center has continued their mission for over a decade providing services to the boroughs LGBTQ+ community. This fall, they'll be serving even more Brooklynites as the organization expands.
Floyd Rumohr is the executive director of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center and he's seeing change right before his eyes.
"When I first arrived, there were some things that needed to be looked at. But we went from roughly $300,000 budget to a $1.2 million budget in five and a half years," Rumohr says.
The organization founded in 2008 continues their mission to provide services supporting the boroughs LGBTQ+ community.
"The headquarters represents a fulfillment of a promise made by Marty Markowitz who was the then Brooklyn borough president and Christine Quinn who was the then city council speaker," says Rumohr.
The organization's expansion includes a new location this fall on Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights, adding to their already established Bed-Stuy site.
"We will have queer leagues, LGBTQ+ plus leagues and sporting activities. Everything from swimming to basketball maybe even fencing," Rumohr adds.
The new location will be housed inside the massive Bedford Union Armory. With a 30-year lease, it will only provide more opportunities to those they already serve.
"Hugely long overdue," says Rumohr. "If you look at the population of Brooklyn, we would be the country's fourth largest city where we're independent of NYC. Estimated conservatively put about 200,00 LGBTQ+ people in the borough."
With a large LGBTQ+ community, Rumohr says he's looking forward to getting to work and servicing those here at home.