Brooklyn crisis action center opens with ribbon-cutting ceremony

Brooklyn residents gathered at a new crisis action center in Brownsville on Saturday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
The founder, Rev. Kevin McCall, says that the center will serve as a platform for the community to give voice to the crises they are dealing with. The center will also connect individuals with resources they may need to address issues they are facing.
“If you have an issue on the weekend, you have to be able to wait for your council member’s office to be open Monday morning,” McCall said. “So we don’t want them to be able to wait, we want them to come to the Brooklyn Voices of Justice to be able to get their voice and their crisis dealt with immediately.”
McCall says the center will tackle a variety of topics, including police brutality, social justice and wrongful convictions.

A woman from Brooklyn is seeking help from the center for her son, who she says was wrongfully accused of setting a home on fire.
“This is my first time being in this situation,” the woman said. “So I’m happy that Rev. McCall has this organization going to give people like me a chance to speak and find help and support for my son.”
The center will be open on the second and fourth Saturday of the month and is free to the public.