Brooklyn food marketing company donates products to hospitals

Brooklyn food marketing company donates products to hospitals

Rallying together is the goal of Founders Give, which streamlines the process for companies to donate their products to hospitals.
In January, Cole Riley launched a food marketing and content company called Founders Market.

"I was working with all these food brands, filming them, doing all this founder focused content,” says Riley.

However, three months in the coronavirus changed everything.

"I saw a lot of these founders having issues getting their food into the hospitals to donate,” says Riley.
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Riley decided to change gears and launched Founders Give. He says they started out with about eight companies and got a couple thousand products.

"And me calling a few hospitals and saying we'd love to donate, and I can arrange it as one single voice. From there it's really exploded. Now at 2.3 million products collected and 1.4 million donated,” says Riley.

He says they're now at 2.3 million products and have donated about 1.4 million products to 45 hospitals across the city. All of it with help from local businesses like Hall Street Storage in Williamsburg who provides free storage allowing for this connectivity to come at no cost to the companies or hospitals.
"Everything is free because we know that that is a huge barrier. As soon as you start charging, putting up any kind of restrictions, that's when the doctors, nurses, staff don't get the products they need. I've removed as many barriers as possible,” says Riley. “There's no cost at all, it's about rallying as many brands as possible to solve this issue with New York city hospitals"

Riley says their long-term goal is to create national nonprofit, so they can help out on a bigger level in the future, any time there's a need.