Brooklyn man helps design clothes for Macy’s ‘Icons of Style’ brand

A Boerum Hills man is having his work showcased in Macy’s new “Icons of Style” initiative.
Ouigi Theodore says his brand “Brooklyn Circus” is heavily influenced by his mom who died three decades ago.
“My mom traveled the world, and bought arts and bought things whether it be from Haiti or back to the state, so she had a love for culture and a love for people,” Theodore says. “So that for sure I adopted.”
The numbers 1945 and 45 are displayed in his clothing to honor his mother’s birth year and the age she died.
Theodore partnered with Macy’s in the design for Sun + Stone, a private menswear label of the store, but he admits he was reluctant at first.
He says Macy’s is a bigger company, and sometimes retailers like that want to “water down the sauce.” But he says, Macy’s gave him and his team the platform.
“Icons of Style” showcases Black brands, including Theodore and four other Black creatives from across the country.
He says it’s important to amplify those voices.
“From a consumer perspective, we were consuming, but we weren’t involved in creating it,” Theodore says. “And also involved in the front facing and being able to represent the culture.”
The pieces will be online and in store on beginning Monday.