Brooklyn photographer's exhibit encourages people to admire the beauty within their community

Antonio Rosario's exhibit titled "11218 Plus" can be seen hanging on the walls of the Blue Star Parlor.

News 12 Staff

Nov 12, 2023, 3:27 AM

Updated 216 days ago


A Brooklyn photographer's exhibit in Flatbush is encouraging people to see the masterpiece that they live in.
The camera lens are Antonio Rosario's eyes and area code 11218 is his muse.
"The idea that I had is walking around, usually an early morning walk with my camera and trying to find a little diversity in these details as possible," he says.
Rosario's exhibit titled "11218 Plus" can be seen hanging on the walls of the Blue Star Parlor. From colorful fire hydrants to abandoned chairs, Rosario gives these everyday objects new life through art.
"Color is what we live in now and some of the things I photograph are about the color, especially when you start to see there are so many colorful things in the neighborhood. I just want to capture it, color it and bring it out," Rosario says.
When people walk into the Blue Star Parlor, Rosario wants his pictures to encourage them to open up their eyes and see the beauty of their own community.
"People often think in order to see something new, you have to go travel some place. Sort of what I am trying to point out with this show is you don't have to leave your neighborhood," he says.
Blue Star Parlor's owner says it's wonderful to see familiar sites in the neighborhood, adding that people share points of connection. And it is those connections that Rosario wants to capture and preserve.
"It is important for people to know their photographs will probably outlive them, and what is it that you want to say to future generation about what you are living now?" Rosario says.

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