Brooklyn teacher uses ventriloquism to help teach students during remote learning

A Brooklyn teacher found the perfect partner to help teach her first graders during a year like no other, and the lessons learned extend beyond the classroom.
Julie-Rose Gould and puppet Brooke are a teaching team at Crown Heights Elementary.
The partnership was inspired by the puppets on shows Gould watched growing up. She taught herself how to bring Brooke to life by giving her a voice - and helping students find their own.
Keeping kids excited was key this past year - especially with students being remote.
"I think it felt really good as a teacher seeing them go from being super, super quiet, being super timid to raising their hands, coming off of mute to share their thinking, it was really nice to see that confidence blossom," said Gould.
With summer break quickly approaching, the duo will continue to teach on YouTube, covering the standard subjects with a fun spin and life lessons too.