Brooklyn teen creates magazine outlet promoting small, local businesses in NYC

It's no doubt that the pandemic took a toll on businesses across the city, even causing many of them to close. Now, a Brooklyn teenager is trying to help save them, launching a new magazine aimed at promoting small and local businesses.
Esme Neubert, 17, is making a difference in her community, one article at a time.
"Even seeing that there's work being done to create this community spirit and unite the Brooklyn community, and also give back in a sense, is in itself inspiring," she says.
Launching her magazine Teensy in the summer of 2020, Neubert says she wanted to help save businesses impacted by the pandemic while also bringing together other young journalists.
"It unites these teenagers who were kind of struggling mentally during the pandemic, and also addresses the problem of these struggling businesses," Neubert says.
The magazine highlights about 30 south Brooklyn businesses using art, poetry, and interviews to tell their stories in hope that readers will be inspired to visit and support businesses like Gage & Tollner and Orphan Guitars.